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Perry Hall Improvement Association - Board Members

                       President: Pat Keller -

                       Vice President: Jack Amrhein

                        Treasurer: Tom Benisch

                       Secretary: Renee Papavasilou

                       At Large: Salim Barrouk

                                        Jill Louden

                                        Bev German

                                        Meg Powers

                                        Patrik Moss Fleming

                                        Mark Woika

General Contact: Mail/Email

       Perry Hall Improvement Association

       PO Box 63

       Perry Hall, MD 21128 

White Marsh Town Center Draft Report:

White Marsh Mall Task Force Report PDF 8-30-23.pdf

Committees 2022:

The PHIA has created seven committees for calendar year 2021. If you are looking to help improve our Perry Hall consider joining one of our committees. Please contact the Committee Chairperson listed and email us at 

Membership Drive - Chairs: Jill Louden, Renee Papavasilou,  


Development Committee - Chair: Pat Keller, Vice Chair: Jack Amhrein

    Members: Meg Powers


Recreation Committee - Chair: Salim Barrouck, Vice-Chair 


Events Committee - Chair: Renee , Vice-Chair 


Schools Committee - Chair: Bev German, Vice-Chair Renee Papavasilou

Finance Committee - Chair: Tom Benisch

Transportation Committee (roads, bridges, bicycles, pedestrians) - Chair: Patrik Fleming Moss  

Communications - Newsletter, Emails, Correspondence

Chair: Dennis Buckless

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